Welcome! We make natural soap you can FEEL GOOD about using -- EVERY DAY!! With our economical $7.95 Flat Rate Shipping, your budget and skin will both thank you.
Welcome! We make natural soap you can FEEL GOOD about using -- EVERY DAY!! With our economical $7.95 Flat Rate Shipping, your budget and skin will both thank you.
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Sacred Showers Soap Mission & Background

My goal is to offer cost-effective, natural bar soap with minimal synthetic ingredients and great longevity.  Handmade soap is an investment in our daily health care -- our skin is our largest organ. I do not make "eye candy" soap, i.e., bar soap whose main purpose is to be visually pleasing. 

All our bar soap is naturally one-third glycerin and two-thirds mild soap for a gentle, balanced skin cleansing experience. To charm the nose, soothe the emotions and love the skin, pure essential oils and fragrances compose the remarkable aroma in Sacred Showers soap bars. 
While some fragrance blends are stronger than others, I do not over scent my soaps. I enjoy a fine scent as much as the next person. However, soap is intended to cleanse the skin rather than scent the skin.  Scent that lingers overly long on the skin can clash with perfumes and other fragrances so my goal is to craft a bar that is pleasant smelling while cleansing the skin.

Sacred Showers bar soap is crafted from scratch using the traditional, cold-process method -- these bars are not made from melt-n-pour or glycerin soap base. While glycerin moisturizes, it is naturally liquid with no cleaning power of its own; therefore, glycerin soap requires additional solidifying, cleansing, and lathering agents.

Our bar soaps also currently do not contain FD&C colors, micas or titanium dioxides. Colors are naturally derived from a formula's oils and butters, plant origins, or clays.

Our soaps begin and end with skin-loving, nutrient-rich formulas that leave your skin feeling clean, fresh and pampered!

Every Sacred Showers soap bar formula begins with a blend of olive, coconut, sustainably-grown palm & castor oils. Several formulas also contain palm kernel oil. All soaps contain additional nutrient-rich vegetable oils and/or butters.

Olive oil is a traditional bar soap ingredient with skin conditioning and emollient properties. Coconut and palm kernel oils provide reliable cleansing characteristics and lather while palm oil, high in natural vitamin A, adds longevity to a bar as well supporting and tempering cleansing strength for a gentle, skin-friendly result.

Castor oil provides dense lather with tiny bubbles, attracts moisture to the skin and acts as a skin softener. Visit our Soap Ingredients pages for more information about vegetable oil, essential oil and flower essence profiles.

Sacred Showers bar soaps do not contain economical filler oils such as peanut, soy, corn or canola. While these oils produce a viable soap bar, we prefer the skin-loving and health-supporting profiles of our refined selection of plant-derived oils and we think you will, too.

Exceptional ingredients are the foundation for our quality soaps!
Environmentally-friendly, cruelty-free, socially-responsible, and consciously-handmade from scratch in small batches for quality -- since 2003.
The handcrafted nature of these soaps may be visible in the shape of a bar; please allow for minor variances in weight, size, and profile. Because soaps are all-natural, there may be color variations from batch-to-batch, and even bar-to-bar.