Custom & Wholesale Orders

custom wholesale

We are primarily a retail and hobby soap manufacturer.

Due to an increasing volume of wholesale inquiries coupled with past experience with wholesale customers, we now have the following wholesale requirements:

1. We accept only a limited number of wholesale accounts each year and we are currently accepting new wholesale accounts.

2. We do not have a minimum order requirement. It does not help either one of us to have soap inventory lingering on shelves. If you only need one blend, then order one blend.

3. We do not usually keep a large soap stock on-hand to fill bulk, short-notice orders; we prefer to sell freshly-made soap.

4. Therefore, if you wish to wholesale purchase specific wine, champagne or beer soaps as opposed to "what is in stock." Depending on our inventory, we may need to manufacture a new batch. Allow 6 weeks for manufacture and delivery; plan ahead. Contact us for current inventory.

5. If you wish to purchase our Essential Oil/Original line soaps or a combination of our Brewery, Winery and Traditional line soaps, it may be possible to fill an order from our regular stock. Contact us for details and with your items of interest.

6. Be prepared to provide proper documentation such as resale license or wholesale permit depending on your home state; this is not to say we will ask for it, but if we do, please be prepared to provide it.

7.  All wholesale or custom orders will have shipping and insurance added; no exceptions.

8.  ALL WHOLESALE OR CUSTOM ORDERS MUST NOW BE PREPAID, just like our retail customers; No Exceptions. I don't want the accounting hassles anymore with slow paying accounts. I do not require a minimum order and find the hassles of open credit accounts threaten this.

9. Our labels must stay on the soap due to legal requirements and our Truth In Labeling Pledge. Do not cover up our address with any other label; this is unethical and customer questions or concerns about soap should be directed to us. Also, if someone needs to know soap ingredients due to allergies or ask questions about ingredients, they will need our contact information. We will do private label soap requests.

10. We will do bulk custom orders at a discount off the individual retail bar price; cost depends on the blend, etc.  We can also design a custom fragrance just for you.  We will also do custom wine and beer soaps.  Contact us with your "want" list.

11. We will do wedding, baby shower, birthday or other special occasion orders depending on our manufacturing schedule. These soaps can have custom labels. Contact us with your details & needs.

Thank you for your interest!