Welcome! I handmake this luscious natural soap in small batches so everyone can FEEL GOOD about using it -- EVERY DAY! With our economical $8.95 Flat Rate Shipping, your budget and skin will both thank you.
Welcome! I handmake this luscious natural soap in small batches so everyone can FEEL GOOD about using it -- EVERY DAY! With our economical $8.95 Flat Rate Shipping, your budget and skin will both thank you.
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Flower Essences

Flower Essence Properties

FIVE FLOWER FORMULA: Restores balance and calm. Restores equilibrium and relieves fear.

ANGELICA: Spiritual safety net and reminder of angelic connections and multi-dimensional self.

ASPEN: Calms and harmonizes psychic awareness. Restores appropriate filters for oversensitivity.

BABY BLUE EYES: Restores basic sense of security and protection, by developing trust in spiritual world as a source of sustenance. Especially helpful where childhood trauma undermined basic sense of identity and implied material world was an unsafe place. Helps heal internalized critical childhood experiences and move one's Self-perception from "imperfect" allowing restoration of proper spiritual identity and Will. This releases tension (often held in the lower abdomen, shoulders and upper back) and allows one to see the linear world and others with purpose. Helpful for anyone with a "spare tire."

BORAGE: Restores optimism and enthusiasm. All-purpose heart balm and toner; encouraging, up-lifting.

CALENDULA: Balances communication polarities; develops enhanced listening, both within and without. Minimizes defensiveness in conversation; promotes understanding and compassion. Soothes misunderstandings.

CALIFORNIA POPPY: Stabilizes authentic heart Light. Supports self-realization.

CHAMOMILE: Mood stabilizer restoring serenity. Releases tension in the stomach area and confusion around Self-identity.

CORN: Helps with grounding; stabilizes spiritual forces through the body.

COSMOS: Mental overwhelm; coherent thinking and restored communication patterns.

DANDELION: Release tension in the body's muscle tissues.

DEERBRUSH: Grants clarity of purpose and harmonizes inner being with outer action. Encourages self-reflection and self-honesty to restore energy field integrity and inner peace. Promotes authentic self-awareness that leads to a transparent personality whose Presence reveals the innate Light of Divinity contained in all Life.

DOGWOOD: Restores physical and etheric harmony leading to flexible responses while softening the harshness of Reality. Stress-relieving.

HOUND'S TONGUE: Restores a wholistic viewpoint. Balances intellect with intelligence; releases nervous tension.

IRIS: Restores harmony between the personal and nature kingdoms of the material world. Reveals the vibrant and living element flowing throughout the mundane world; thus, restores balanced perspective.

LAVENDER: Soothing and moderating, especially helpful to head, neck and shoulder tension. Restores healthy body awareness to minimize future stress conditions.

LOTUS: Harmonizes and integrates higher awareness. Rebalances and redirects energy currents.

ROSEMARY: Restores feelings of security. Restores interconnectedness between various consciousness facets including memory and the rational mind.

SAINT JOHN'S WORT: Restores energy field integrity. provides a sense of protection and illumination without oversensitivity to unseen forces.

SELF-HEAL: Restores Self-confidence and Self-faith. Enables the inner healer and
supports Self-insight.

STAR OF BETHLEHEM: Soothing, healing quality. Address unresolved past traumas as well as
current disruptions. Restores life force flow to traumatized consciousness areas to reharmonize energy currents and vitality.

STAR TULIP: Promotes intuition. Reminder of higher dimensions and guidance.

SUNFLOWER: Heals relationship with the masculine; reveals the inner Light of the Soul. Uplifting and encouraging; unseen support for daily living.

WALNUT: Helpful for all transitions, large or small.