Sacred Showers Soap

Our products are handcrafted & proudly Made in the USA!

We fashion unique, natural bar soaps using vegetable and nut oils, butters, botanicals, essential oils and flower essences. Vegetable-based natural soap is a socially responsible choice, kind to the environment and biodegradable.

Once you experience our authentic, all-natural soap and feel the skin difference for yourself, you will not settle for chemical-based cleansing products again.

Unlike mass-market cleansing products, our bar soaps are enriched with skin-loving, nutrient-rich oils like evening primrose, almond, and avocado, or creamy butters like mango, olive, and shea.

Beer, wine, and champagne add nutrients as well as soap characteristics to our specialty lines and provide a distinct, pleasant diversion from the ordinary. Coconut water, aloe vera juice, and luscious milks like goat, almond and oat increase the skin-loving nutrients in other bars.

"Holistically formulated and crafted" means we consider both the specific and overall effect of our bar soap ingredients as well as the manufacturing process and environment when crafting our products.

Welcome to the vibrant world of consciously handmade, lovingly crafted, natural soap!
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