Small Bar Madness Sale

$28.00 CA Sales Tax

50 SMALL BARS of luscious soap.  Benefits of small Bar variety packs include:

  • opportunity to try several different fragrances and blends at low prices
  • decrease re-ordering if you follow the suggestions to prolong bar soap life
  • allows every person in the house a personal bar of soap
  • easy to distribute bars at each sink and tub
  • easy to treat others to a delightful bathing experience while still preserving your stash

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50 SMALL BARS of our luscious made-from-scratch soap all for ONE LOW PRICE with FREE SHIPPING.  Part of the inventory reduction sale!  While supplies last.

Please order this product ON ITS OWN to take advantage of FREE SHIPPING. If your order includes other products, shipping will apply. Thank you.


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