Skin Salve

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For scrapes, cuts, scratches, rashes, bug bites, burns, nearly any skin injury including hands damaged by overexposure to water.

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Almond oil infused with Heal-All and Comfrey leaf, botanicals renowned for their skin-healing attributes and nutrients. These salves also contain plantain & marshmallow root-infused almond & jojoba oils, herbs with additional anti-inflammatory and wound healing properties, along with St John’s Wort infused-olive oil with its nerve-tending and skin-healing components.

Cranberry oil has a superb Essential Fatty Acid profile and adds a distinct element to our handmade salves by providing important nutrients directly to the damaged area. Jojoba oil is skin’s best friend with its protective properties and similarity to natural sebum.

Bulgarian Lavender and Tea Tree essential oils are soothing to the skin, antibacterial and encourage skin cell regeneration; Lavender oil also has some anti-itch properties and Tea Tree oil is antiseptic as well.

Packaged in opaque jars to protect the precious formula from ultra-violet rays.


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