Raspberry Rose

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Timeless classic with raspberries and roses.  Blended with shea butter and enriched with raspberry oil.

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Formulated with Lindeman’s Framboise Ale with all the luscious nutrients found in raspberries plus shea butter.  Enriched with raspberry oil.  Such a fabulous treat for the skin and nose.

Scented with raspberry and roses.  A timeless aroma with a touch of rose and raspberries.

Base Oils

Saponified:  olive, coconut, sustainable palm, rice bran, sunflower, palm kernel, and castor oils; & shea butter.  Retained glycerin.

Enriched With

Raspberry oil.

Fragrance Notes

Raspberry and rose.

Other Stuff

Lindeman’s Framboise Ale (Raspberry beer). Distilled water.


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