Ice Cap

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Enriched with grape seed oil with its awesome antioxidant content to really love the skin and a bit of oat straw for its attributes and visual distinction.



Delicious aroma of fresh breezes, orchid and Ylang with a background of cypress trees, frosted woods, Oakmoss, and fresh spices resulting in a fabulous bathing experience.  Moderate fragrance strength.


Saponified: Olive, coconut, sustainable palm, castor, palm kernel, rice bran, and sunflower oils, and cocoa butter.  Retained glycerin. Fragrance.

Enriched With

Grape seed oil.

Fragrance Notes

Fresh breezes, orchid and Ylang, cypress trees, frosted woods, Oakmoss, and fresh spices.

Other Stuff

Distilled Water. Oat straw.


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