Healing Hands

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Spicy notes for the nose and gently exfoliating for the skin.  A distinct wine-color bar soap to ease life’s daily trials & transitions.  The distinct, tangy aroma is composed from essential oils that are said to soothe, uplift, and regenerate.



With mild Apricot Kernel oil & enriched with Avocado oil.  Gently exfoliates with rose hips, high in vitamin C, and ground apricot kernels.   Beautiful color is provided by the rose hips.

Flower essences target emotional well-being.

Favorite with women and men.  A popular blend!


Saponified: olive, coconut, sustainable palm, castor, palm kernel, and grape seed oils.  Retained glycerin.  Palmarosa, Rosewood and Patchouli essential oils.

Enriched With

Avocado oil.

Fragrance Notes

Patchouli, Rosewood, Palmarosa.

Other Stuff

Distilled Water.  Apricot kernels. Rose Hips. Self-Heal, St. John’s Wort flower essences.


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