Celebration Balm

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Made with some of the most popular skin-nourishing oils and butters.

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A soft, extraordinary balm suitable for any skin condition as well as for maintaining healthy skin. Designed to pamper and care for mature, dry, oily or changing skin, with chamomile- and
green tea-infused jojoba oil. With a distinct fragrance symphony composed of German chamomile, Green Tea and the woody, slightly floral notes of Rosewood essential oil, this balm celebrates life with the best of nature’s bounty.

Shea, Camellia or Passionfruit, and Red Raspberry oils add moisturizing, essential fatty acids, vitamins and numerous healing, nourishing attributes to this sensitive skin-friendly blend. Fractionated coconut oil reduces greasiness while adding vitamins and additional moisturizing; coconut oil has been used to successfully treat those mysterious little skin bumps, too. Olive butter is a wonderful moisturizer that absorbs quickly and adds the benefits of olive oil to this blend. Green tea contributes anti-oxidants, cell protection and a relaxing fragrance note. Rosewood essential oil adds anti-wrinkle properties, minimizes fine lines, stimulates cell regeneration, balances oil so this blend is suitable for dry or oily skin, and is soothing and gentle enough for sensitive skin.

Jojoba oil is a well-loved skin care ingredient nearly identical to skin’s natural sebum so it is quickly and easily absorbed. Hence, jojoba oil moisturizes without oiliness and will balance oily skin making this a versatile, multi-skin type balm. Coupled with anti-wrinkle properties, jojoba oil seems the obvious choice as the primary ingredient here and carrier for chamomile’s many skin-loving attributes and softening capacity. Both jojoba oil and chamomile flowers are said to be safe for sensitive skin and help regenerate cells with a distinct chamomile scent.

And last but not least, this blend includes lovely, exotic Orchid extract, a luxury ingredient with well-documented skin care qualities. A pampering note usually found only in high-end cosmetic lines, included here because our skin deserves this gentle, nourishing botanical, too.

Wherever you are in your life’s journey, celebrate yourself everyday and live life as a Celebration.

Ingredients: Chamomille-infused Jojoba oil, organic Jasmine Green Tea-infused Jojoba oil, Fractionated Coconut oil, Shea oil, Camellia Sinensis or Passionfruit oil, Olive Butter, Red Raspberry oil, Beeswax, Orchid extract, Rosewood oil, Vitamin E.

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