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Enriched with omega fatty acid-rich hemp seed oil to nourish the skin.  Carrot root powder, rich in vitamin A.



What a great soap! An extraordinary scent  blend with Bergamot, fresh basil leaf, Oakmoss and white patchouli.

Contains our base oil blend plus sunflower, and rice bran oils plus cocoa butter for a clean, gentle wash. Enriched with awesome hemp oil, an outstanding oil rich in essential fatty acids.


Saponified: olive, coconut, sustainable palm, castor, palm kernel, rice bran, and sunflower oils, and cocoa butter. Retained glycerin.  Fragrance.

Enriched With

Hemp oil.

Fragrance Notes

 Bergamot, fresh basil leaf, Oakmoss and white patchouli.

Other Stuff

Distilled Water. Carrot root powder.


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