Aging Grace

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Extraordinary balm designed for worldly skin.

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Gentle rice bran oil is infused with marsh mallow root (moisturizing), green tea (anti-oxidant, anti-cancer), St. John’s Wort (repairs damaged skin), and horsetail (rich in silica) herbs to bring some of nature’s finest skin-loving botanicals into direct contact with your skin.

Exotic Passion fruit oil adds a distinct treat to this blend along with the essential fatty acid profile of rose hip seed oil and vitamin-rich shea oil. We blended two of the world’s favorite skin butters here, macadamia nut and hemp seed, to create a broad spectrum skin treat.

Scented with Frankincense, Melissa and Petitgrain essential oils, each attributed with additional skin care properties. The scent is lemony but rather than sweet, it is a deeper lemon with a slight woody undertone. Relaxing.

This is a soft balm made with soy wax for quicker absorption and a dash of beeswax for its skin care properties.

Ingredients: Marshmallow root, green tea, St. John’s Wort and horsetail-infused rice bran oil, fractionated coconut oil, soy wax, macadamia butter, passion fruit oil, rose hip seed oil, shea oil, hemp seed butter, beeswax, essential oils, Vitamin E.

Packed in stylish 1-oz jars.

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