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Wholesale & Custom Soap

We are primarily a retail and hobby soap manufacturer.

Due to an increasing volume of wholesale inquiries coupled with past experience with wholesale customers, we now have the following wholesale requirements:

1. We accept only a limited number of wholesale accounts each year and we are currently accepting new wholesale accounts.

2. We do not have a minimum order requirement. It does not help either one of us to have soap inventory lingering on shelves. If you only need one blend, then order one blend.

3. We do not usually keep a large soap stock on-hand to fill bulk, short-notice orders; we prefer to sell freshly-made soap.

4. Therefore, if you wish to wholesale purchase specific wine, champagne or beer soaps as opposed to “what is in stock.” Depending on our inventory, we may need to manufacture a new batch. Allow 6 weeks for manufacture and delivery; plan ahead. Contact us for current inventory.

5. If you wish to purchase our Essential Oil/Original line soaps or a combination of our Brewery, Winery and Traditional line soaps, it may be possible to fill an order from our regular stock. Contact us for details and with your items of interest.

6. Be prepared to provide proper documentation such as resale license or wholesale permit depending on your home state; this is not to say we will ask for it, but if we do, please be prepared to provide it.

7.  All wholesale or custom orders will have shipping and insurance added; no exceptions.

8.  ALL WHOLESALE OR CUSTOM ORDERS MUST NOW BE PREPAID, just like our retail customers; No Exceptions. I don’t want the accounting hassles anymore with slow paying accounts. I do not require a minimum order and find the hassles of open credit accounts threaten this.

9. Our labels must stay on the soap due to legal requirements and our Truth In Labeling Pledge. Do not cover up our address with any other label; this is unethical and customer questions or concerns about soap should be directed to us. Also, if someone needs to know soap ingredients due to allergies or ask questions about ingredients, they will need our contact information. We will do private label soap requests.

10. We will do bulk custom orders at a discount off the individual retail bar price; cost depends on the blend, etc.  We can also design a custom fragrance just for you.  We will also do custom wine and beer soaps.  Contact us with your “want” list.

11. We will do wedding, baby shower, birthday or other special occasion orders depending on our manufacturing schedule. These soaps can have custom labels. Contact us with your details & needs.

Thank you for your interest!
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Other Soap Information

Soap found in a typical store has often had the natural soap elements removed and replaced with synthetic detergents and additives to extend its shelf life. Because of the skin’s reaction to the synthetic additives in these mass-market bars, many people are thought to have dry, sensitive, or oily skin.

The cleansing and moisturizing effects of our cold-process, handcrafted soap comes from the natural components produced by the saponification (i.e., soap making) process, specifically soap and glycerine molecules. Handcrafted soap tends to be skin-friendly since the natural cleansing and skin-nourishing components of the soapmaking process remain intact in the finished bar. The vibrant, all-natural, nutrient-rich ingredients used in our soaps also contribute distinct skin care elements and a dimension noticeably missing in mass-market cleansing products.

Once you experience our authentic soaps and feel the difference for yourself, it is you will not settle for synthetic-laced cleansing products again.

Our all-natural soaps take form through the cold-process soap making method using unique formulations of vegetable and nut oils, herbs, botanical extracts, essential oils and flower essences. Herbs and vegetable oils benefit the body while essential oils and flower essences soothe and nourish the soul.

Every aspect of the soap-creating process is carefully orchestrated and purposely executed. This loving precision results in a well-rounded, luxurious soap bar. Because this soap is a holistically formulated and crafted product, benefits from using our soaps may linger beyond the initial bathing encounter, providing added support and dividends throughout the day. Long-term use of our soaps may provide even greater benefits.

Each batch of soap is handmade in small batches for quality, aged at least 3 weeks, and finally shower-tested by my family and myself.

From my home to yours, these soaps are environmentally friendly and cruelty-free. I hope you derive as much pleasure and comfort from their use as I do, and experience every shower as an affirming celebration of life.

With warm regards and peaceful wishes, welcome to the growing Sacred Showers community.

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Caring For Handmade Soap


Since handcrafted soap is all natural, it deserves a specific care plan to ensure a happy, long-lasting relationship between you and your soap.

Handcrafted soap is 1/3 glycerin naturally. Glycerin is a humectant meaning it attracts moisture. If left in water, glycerin in this soap will absorb water and the bar will begin breaking down. Handcrafted soap is best stored out of water so that it air dries; this means resting on a draining soap dish or standing on its side, out of the spray range of a shower head.

Take appropriate precautions to safeguard the life of your soap. We stock several soap dishes at reasonable prices.

When using soaps for body cleansing, longevity improves if you avoid rubbing the bar directly onto the body. Instead, use hands, washcloth or other bathing instrument to apply the soap to your body. This will also minimize encounters with any large pieces of herbs or exfolliants.

Store in a cool, dry place, preferably NOT under the sink if you have metal pipes. (The soap’s glycerin can attract moisture from condensation on pipes heated as hot water flows through it.) Many people report storing soaps in linen cupboards and dresser drawers to freshen towels and clothing.

As with any skin care product, if irritation develops, discontinue use. As with any soap, avoid eye contact and do not eat the soap. Keep all soaps out of the reach of children. While every precaution has been taken to minimize this, products may contain large pieces of additives; exercise care when using.

If you are allergic to any ingredients in a soap bar, do not use the soap!

Some soap blends contain nut oils. Every effort has been made to note this in a description; however, no warranties or guarantees are made in this regard. Additionally, all soap making equipment is shared.