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About the Soap Maker

The Soap Maker
I am a California native.  I grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area and have an affinity for natural products, natural health care, and gardening.  In 1993 I began providing Reiki healing services.  In 1996 I began teaching Reiki, and working with flower essences.  I also experienced a personal crisis that encouraged me to examine and change the way I was living my life.

Sacred Showers was born out of my personal growth, prompted by the on-going needs of clients and friends. In June, 2003, I mixed my first batch of cold-process soap and became instantly devoted to natural soap.  Since then and as my vision grows, I continue to expand and refine soap blending techniques and formulas.

By the sheer variety of soap blends I offer, it is easy to see that I love making soap! I also love discovering and developing techniques that maintain or enhance the essential energies and innate healing qualities of the natural ingredients I use.

The majority of soaps I make use only natural ingredients for this reason. Due to customer request and market demand, in 2010 I expanded my soap line to include blends with fragrance oils, particularly the beer, wine and champagne soaps.  These updated formulas still provide a 97-98% natural bar soap.  Please enjoy and thank you to everyone who spoke up and requested an expanded fragrance line.

More Info Than You Probably Wanted To Know (For Those Who Want to Know)
Over the years, a phrase I frequently heard was, “I don’t have time for myself.” While showering one day, it occurred to me that since most people bathe regularly, opportunity for effortless, self-care might be found within the bathing ritual itself.   All that was necessary to facilitate just such an a possibility was an appropriate soap, something that went beyond the wonderful aromatherapy and herbal ideas already in the marketplace. While effective and supportive in their own right, I was looking for something more diverse, a soap purposefully blended to be a holistic healing tool.  To make a rather long story short, Sacred Showers soap line was eventually born

Drawing upon my many years of natural healing research & energy bodywork experience along with my esoteric studies, Sacred Showers soap crafting blends traditional, cold-process soap making with flower essences, essential oils, herbal tinctures, Reiki & other energy work techniques to produce a dynamic, highly vibrant cleansing & skin care product that simultaneously soothes, heals and nourishes the Soul.   Each soap blend is crafted as a soul-nourishing and skin-cleansing product that provides a touch of luxury to every bath.

So go ahead and indulge — treat yourself to some Sacred Showers soap today and reclaim a much deserved sacred moment for yourself!

Best wishes, & Thank you for visiting!

Soap Maker & Designer