A mild, soothing bar soap blend with 30% olive oil.

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Includes gentle, skin-friendly Chamomile extract along with a Chamomile infusion. Chamomile is a botanical well known for its gently nourishing skin care qualities as well as its stress-relieving, relaxing influence.

Add Hemp Seed oil, with a high protein and essential fatty acid content, while Rice Bran oil cares for sensitive skin. Includes moisturizing Sweet Almond oil and GLA-rich Evening Primrose oil.

Calendula, Baby Blue Eyes, Deerbrush and Star of Bethlehem flower essences. This soap is so Light, its signature is only revealed in softly nourished skin!


Saponified: olive, coconut, palm, castor, palm kernel, hemp, rice bran, and almond oils.  Retained glycerin.
Evening Primrose oil.
Nothing added.
Calendula, Baby Blue Eyes, Deerbrush, and Star of Bethlehem.
Chamomile tea; chamomile tincture.


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