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Lusciously fragranced bar of soap that leaves skin beyond happy!



Made with tomato powder which has been used with oily skin types. However, I absolutely adore this blend and I consider myself to have normal skin. The cool little red jojoba beads give this bar color and a touch of scrubbiness to help exfoliate and clean the skin. Leaves my skin feeling soft and silky!

The fragrance — to DIE FOR!!! Exciting fragrance with strong notes of Yuzu, subtle florals, and a touch of citron.

A really fabulous bar soap for everyone! Enriched with grape seed oil, a great oil for oily skin and all skin with its antioxidant and chlorophyll profile.


Saponified oils of: olive, coconut, palm (sustainably grown), castor, palm kernel, sunflower, & rice bran. Saponified shea butter. Retained glycerin.
Grape Seed oil.
Yuzu, subtle florals, and citron.
Tomato powder; red jojoba beads.

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Weight 5 oz

Large/Family, Personal/Travel


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