Skin Jelly & Balms

Lovingly handmade from scratch, Skin Jelly begins with an avocado butter base and is a soft, creamy skin-loving blend of some of the best skin- care oils in the world (vegan friendly).

Our handcrafted Wealthy Skin Salve is a balm-style cream, with orchid extract and olive squalene. Incredibly fabulous for a diverse array of skin situations. Superb!

A truly skin-loving and soul-soothing blend, CelebrationĀ Balm was inspired by a particularly challenging year. This blend memorializes, celebrates and pays tribute to the amazing resiliency of the human spirit, wisdom earned, and the opportunity to begin again.Aging Grace is another luxurious balm-style skin treat infused with skin-nurturing botanicals like marshmallow root and calendula. A unique fragrance blend of frankincense, melissa and petitgrain, all essential oils renowned for their skin care attributes.

Finally, a uni-sex balm! Every Body Balm is designed for men and women with oatstraw, plantain and heal-all infusions for a plethora of skin-nourishing characteristics. Scented with our popular Wood Sprites essential oil blend and packed in a wide mouth jar for easy use.All of our balms, butter, salves and jellys contain no parabens and are preservative-free. Vitamin E is added as both a skin care ingredient and anti-oxidant to extend shelf life.

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