Beer Soap

Some of these luscious beer soaps are naturally scented by their fruit component. For instance, Raspberry Brew has a raspberry scent from the raspberries it is made with. Other beer soap are scented with fragrances intended to enhance or reflect their natural beer notes. NOTE: These soaps contain NO alcohol to dry the skin.

Beer Soap — For the discerning beer lover.

Be sure to visit our Soap Dish page and select a fantastic handmade pottery soap dish to go with your soap! A great touch with any bathroom decor.

Note: Some soaps contain nut oils and some beers contain wheat. If you have an allergy to any ingredient, please consult your physician before use. All soap making equipment is shared.

Email Soap Maker to be notified of new in-stock availability on any out-of-stock product. Please state the product you are requesting in-stock notification for in the body of the email. Thanks!For local retail outlets carrying the Lindemans & Samuel Smith beers, please contact the importer, Merchant Duvin, directly.

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