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Wholesale & Custom Soap

We are primarily a retail and hobby soap manufacturer. Due to an increasing volume of wholesale inquiries coupled with past experience with wholesale customers, we now have the following wholesale requirements: 1. We accept only a limited number of wholesale accounts each year and we are currently accepting new wholesale accounts. 2. We do not […]

Other Soap Information

Soap found in a typical store has often had the natural soap elements removed and replaced with synthetic detergents and additives to extend its shelf life. Because of the skin’s reaction to the synthetic additives in these mass-market bars, many people are thought to have dry, sensitive, or oily skin. The cleansing and moisturizing effects […]

Caring For Handmade Soap

  Since handcrafted soap is all natural, it deserves a specific care plan to ensure a happy, long-lasting relationship between you and your soap. Handcrafted soap is 1/3 glycerin naturally. Glycerin is a humectant meaning it attracts moisture. If left in water, glycerin in this soap will absorb water and the bar will begin breaking […]